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Unisex Roll-on Oil Parfum - Amber Oud Dawn

Unisex Roll-on Oil Parfum - Amber Oud Dawn

SKU: 00086

Due to popular demand we are happy to bring you the Amber Oud Dawn parfum roller - an amazing addition to the exclusive Althie Lifestyle Grandeur line.

Now you can conveniently top up your parfum spray or maybe you just want a pocket rocket full of goodness.

Either way, Amber Oud Dawn is calling you!

Amber Oud Dawn Parfum:

A rich woody scent where ambery tones are warmed by fresh ginger and sweet jasmine, and wrapped in spiced woody oud.

This scent is warm and comforting - a subtle take on an oud fragrance.


Top notes: ginger - salt - pink peppercorns - lemon

Middle/heart notes: jasmine - ambergris - fir balsam - waterlily

Base notes: musk - amber - leather - patchouli - smoked woods - kyara wood - vetiver


This amazing scent is a 50/50 mix of Althie Lifestyle's Oud minerale and Dark Amber and Ginger Lily.


Made in the United Kingdom exclusively for Althie Lifestyle

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