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Sizzling Himalayan Granules - various scents 100g

Sizzling Himalayan Granules - various scents 100g



Our simmering granules are an ideal and cleaner alternative to wax melts, made from the finest Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals. They are normally used in oil burners, but are less messy as they don't need oil or water.


Pop a teaspoonful (minimum) or two into your burner and allow the fragrance to release while gently warming with a tealight. They do not melt - simply enjoy the fragrance until it starts to fade, then allow to cool before tipping into the bin.


Enjoy instant, intense fragrance around your home. An easy alternative to wax melts, sizzlers let off a subtle aroma. If you prefer a really strong aroma we advise trying out wax melts.


Chase away cigarette odour by placing a few granules in ashtrays; freshen your bathroom and closets with a little bowl of granules. They can be used just like potpourri.


Fragrance selection:

- Vanilla

- Mango

- Strawberry

- JPG Classic

- Leather & Fig

- Lemon

- Sauvage Style

- Amber


Made in United Kingdom (with love) for Althie Lifestyle

Weight 100g

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