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Limited Edition Reed Diffuser - Delicate Bloom

Limited Edition Reed Diffuser - Delicate Bloom

PriceFrom £9.99

This limited edition reed diffuser has been inspired by Tiffany, and is a tasteful way to create an inviting ambience. Available in 50ml (matte grey) and 100ml (glass cube) sizes.


A modern, sophisticated fragrance for the true city girl - if diamonds were a scent...

Top note: Vert de Mandarine

Heart note: Iris

Bottom notes: Patchouli, musk


Compared to scented candles, reed diffusers emit fragrances that usually last longer and don't require an open flame or heat source, which makes them a safer and practical way to fragrance your home.


The reeds soak up the oil and diffuse the scent along their entire length, releasing the fragrance into the room or area.


Directions: remove the screw cap and plastic plug, then screw the screw cap back onto the bottle. Immerse your reeds into the liquid and allow them to soak up the oil. Once they have absorbed some of the oil, flip them in order to begin the release of the fragrance.


Recommended flip frequency: flip every 7 days.


This diffuser has a circa. 6 week scent life when the reed is inserted, and flip directions are followed.


Keep away from children and pets.

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