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16 Oz Grey Goose Bottle Cut Glass (x1)

16 Oz Grey Goose Bottle Cut Glass (x1)

SKU: 00010

You can't help but to ooze class and quality with this must-have item.


This drinking glass is handcrafted from recycled Grey Goose vodka bottles. Full bottles have been Diamond cut, sanded, polished, and beveled leaving an amazingly smooth finish with no rough or sharp edges. Great for a beer, a long cocktail, or just for casual use.


It makes an amazing gift for any occasion.

And did we say RECYCLE?! We can't think of a better way.


PROMO: pay £20 for one glass or £35 for two glasses. Pricing is automatically applied.


Approximate Glass Size: 6" tall x 3.25" diameter.


Bottles cut for Althie Lifestyle.

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